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Management policy

Statement on quality

The success of our company depends on the quality of our developments, products, assemblies and services of cables, wires and spiral cables and the related experiences of our customers. The actual way in which we deliver our quality commitments is the extent to which we meet the requirements of all our interested parties and exceed their expectations.


From Baude Holding GmbH, Baude Kabeltechnik GmbH, Baude Kabeltechnik s.r.o. (Brno, Czech Republic) and our sales office in Stuttgart, we:

  • are aware of the needs of industry and customers and are able to offer development, products and services to cover these needs,
  • understand the needs and expectations of interested parties, strive to exceed the expectations of all interested parties positively, and do not restrict ourselves to fulfilling the requirements of regulatory frameworks or (inter) national standards, but also strictly observe national and international legal regulations,
  • only meet obligations that we are able to understand, comply with or exceed,
  • abide by all requirements of our customers in due time,
  • implement an integrated management system that will be continuously improved and valued for suitable service and efficiency,
  • define clear tasks, powers and responsibilities with regard to the quality of the provided products and services and the additional improvement of these,
  • believe in doing the right job correctly from the beginning,
  • measure customer satisfaction and set significant goals for improvement,
  • register complaints and take appropriate steps to resolve these in a customer-friendly manner. In addition to complaints under investigation, to learn from them and not assign blame. With the same goal to stimulate employees to participate in the improvement of quality of our development, products and services,
  • make sure that our employees have the needed (technical) knowledge and abilities as well as the necessary interpersonal skills,
  • analyze all risks of our processes and derive from the evaluation opportunities for minimizing the risk.


To achieve our goal,the top management is responsible for:

  • an individual support of our employees by excellent top management – for strong cohesion and highest performance within our teams,
  • a dynamic and tolerant employee structures – for a work environment where is no space for mobbing,
  • praise the contributions of employees,
  • be a good role model,
  • an employer who rejects any from of discrimination.

It is expected that our employees will adhere to these guidelines, particularly:

  • to have and display a professional attitude,
  • to follow described procedures and instructions,
  • to notify of complaints immediately,
  • to study readiness and share knowledge to improve the quality of our development, products and services.

Through our cooperation, we ensure the quality of our provided products and services rendered and are a reliable and a more valuable business partner for our interested parties.

Statement for the protection of health, work safety and environmental management

The obligation for caring for the health and safety of people (regardless if they are our employees, customers, employees of our partners or members of the public) and the obligation to care for the environment are of the utmost importance in every aspect and phase of our activities. The health and safety of people and the obligation to care for the environment are values that should never be compromised and are the essential components of our company. There is no conflict between protecting health, work safety and environmental management and our own business goals.


At Baude Kabeltechnik GmbH, we

  • analyze and evaluate the mental and physical stress at work, documenting the risk in our risk assessments and using the opportunities for ergonomic and humane design of workplaces,
  • strive to have zero accidents and therefore have a proactive approach with regards to health protection, work safety and environmental management. This duty to care is a precondition for each decision and action that we encounter and implement,
  • systematically notify of dangers and assess the results of health and safety for people and the environment, if there is no control over the ascertained danger. We take measures to reduce the loss of control and the resulting consequences as much as reasonably and practically possible (ALARP = as low as reasonably practical),
  • examine incidents, this also includes near-misses, in order to learn and improve and not assign blame,
  • encourage reporting of employee near-misses and to contribute to the shaping of our EHSE service,
  • comply with current laws and EHSE guidelines of the corresponding countries as well as the EHSE rules of our customers. In addition, we are developing our own EHSE rules when necessary. In the event of conflict between the rules and guidelines, the stricter of both will be used,
  • to ensure that all personnel receive EHSE training which corresponds to their position and tasks. The training intends to transfer skills and knowledge so that it is possible to minimize risk to the personnel and work according to regulations,
  • to candidly ask, listen and react to employees, customers and partners as authorities and the public with regard to topics for health and safety of people and the environment.


To achieve our goal, each level of the company management should:

  • show leadership for the development and support of an effective culture of safety,
  • to convey an interest in EHSE, which is visible and consistent,
  • to praise the contributions of employees
  • and be a good role model.


It is expected that our employees will adhere to these guidelines, particularly:

  • compliance with safe work practices,
  • compliance with rules and provisions,
  • reports on incidents and near-misses,
  • readiness to learn and share knowledge, to improve our EHSE service.

We ensure through our teamwork that the agreed upon EHSE goals will be fulfilled so that harm to people and damage to the environment will be prevented.

Statement on energy

Baude Kabeltechnik GmbH is aware of the increasing significance of energy-conscious behavior with regard to resources and climate protection. As a company with many years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-value spiral cables, wires and fully-wired complete systems, we view ourselves as having a special responsibility to be more sensible for our employees, customers and suppliers for energy efficiency and energy savings and to continually improve our own energy services. 

This management policy forms the framework for the determination and review of strategic and operative energy goals and demonstrates on all levels our responsibility and our awareness for a responsible handling of energy.
We want to ensure that the type and extent of the use of energy and energy consumption of the organization is appropriate.
We support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services, which are specified for the improvement of energy-related services.
We are committed to 

  • continued improvement of energy-related services;
  • to ensure the availability of information and the achievement of strategic and operational goals of necessary resources;
  • Compliance with all current statutory requirements and others, through received requirements of the organization regarding the use of energy, consumption of energy and energy efficiency;

For a guarantee of defined goals and for the implementation of our energy policy, regular monitoring of the systems take place through internal audits. Our energy efficiency will be regularly reviewed through an external and independent consultant according to DIN EN 16247.


Sarstedt, 11. April 2017

Andreas Baude                     Fabian Haase
General Manager                 Quality Manager

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